Clutter Denied Professional Organizing
Clutter Denied Professional Organizing
Over the years all of us have experienced moments of frustration trying to find an object we know we have but cannot find due to everything between that object and us. We vow that we will not let this happen again, yet it does. What to do? Get organized, right? But where do we start? Let us assist you on a journey of organization to take you to a time and place where everything is in its place and easily within reach. We offer many different levels of organizing services. You may choose one, two or a combination of these services. They are:

Level I The Map: During a free one hour consultation we will make an assessment of your needs and establish some goals. We will then leave and create a customized map to your new organized system. We will then return to discuss the plans and then launch you on your journey.

Level II The Guide: We will guide you through the journey of learning how to get started with Sorting, Purging and Containerizing. This includes a hands-on session of sorting items into Keep, Toss, Donate or Store Elsewhere categories. We will leave you with Homework at this stage. Homework is any work that you must do without us in order to complete the assigned task. We will return at an agreed time when you have completed the homework. Containers may be measured for and a shopping list created if needed. You can choose to purchase the items or have us purchase them for you. We will then return and together we will establish the customized organizational system for your home.

Level III The All Inclusive:  We are with you for the entire time that you are Sorting, Purging and Containerizing. We will remove the "Toss" and "Donated" items from the premises and they will be taken to the appropriate places. Containers will be measured for and a shopping list will be created if needed. You can choose to purchase the items or have us purchase them for you. We will create all labels required for your new system.

Follow-up: You will be contacted to ensure that the new system is functioning and if there is any need for fine tuning your customized organizational system. This includes phone calls and if necessary appointments to discuss your new organizing system. If containers need changing or re-assignment this is done at this time.

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