Clutter Denied Professional Organizing

Can't find your keys? Losing bills? Misplacing permission slips? Are you having trouble getting out the door and not forgetting something?

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Clutter Denied Professional Organizing can help you. We will assist you on a journey of organization to take you to a time and place where everything is in its place and easily within reach. Each person has their own requirements and levels of organizing. Call us and we will discuss your dreams and desires of an organized life.

Lorraine Mitchell, owner and operator of Clutter Denied Professional Organizing gained her organizational skills through courses offered by Professional Organizers in Canada and through life experiences. Lorraine learned much of her organizing skills from her mother and when she started working she learned the valuable skills of business organization. Lorraine was a nurse's aide for seven years on a rehabilitation unit, worked in the Catering Department for two large hotels for five years, worked as a Purchaser and Inventory Controller for ten years, is a Sales Representative for a school uniform company for the past eight years and has been a working mother for over eighteen years. After organizing friends and family over the years Lorraine decided to open Clutter Denied Professional Organizing in 2006. Lorraine received her Trained Professional Organizer Learning Certificate from Professional Organizers in Canada in November 2008.

Lorraine Mitchell, owner and operator of Clutter Denied Professional Organizing is an active member of Professional Organizers in Canada,


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